5 Laws You Must Know About WordPress

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Talk to any blogger or a content writer, and he will tell you how easy their life has become since the inception of WordPress, a highly interactive content management software. Previously only used for maintaining blogs now WordPress is preferred by any new startup or organization who plan on launching their website. With time WordPress has inculcated numerous features, plugins, and add-ons which clearly do make it one of the best available technology software in the world.

While most people have already become familiar with this framework, there are some who still do lack knowledge of WordPress or have just entered into this field. An easy to work platform it hardly requires a month to get hold of.

So if you are also an aspiring web developer, or are into content writing and management, here are a few laws about WordPress which you should know in order to make the best use of this available software.

1. Don’t Overuse Plug Ins : – 

WordPress being an open source framework allows people to develop their own themes and designs which have resulted in over 50,000 plugins available for people to use. However people often in a desire to inculcate plenty of features within their website, install and download maximum plugins which often leads to overcrowding. This overcrowding directly affects the load time of any web page you design and also ranks your website poor as per Google regulations.

One major issue which this overcrowding does cause is it hampers the smooth and efficient working of other plugins and thereby causes them to crash. So if by any chance some security plug in of yours fails to initialize your web page will be exposed to the threat.

Therefore, the first law is to only use and inculcate plugins which you think are absolutely necessary and refrain from adding excessive features. This will portray your website as powerful and effective.

2. Premium Themes Are the Best Bet : –

WordPress does offer numerous themes for the user to utilize and build their website on. However, if you plan on having a huge traffic on your website, or the website has been started with commercial use in mind, then we would suggest that go for a premium theme. Free themes are suitable for pages such as a personal blog or a website with not much dynamic activity.

However, if you plan on having profits from your website or have a project which is liable to run for a long period of time, go for premium themes which offer far more level of features and security and much fewer problems. Most free themes aren’t up to date with security settings, and you may end up risking your project and making it susceptible to web attacks. Instead of premium themes offer you a superior level of added protection and features along with the option to use this theme on multiple websites.

3. Do Not Compromise on Hosting : – 

Hosting is like the foundation of your website, and if anything happens to the hosting server, then you and your project will have a hard time surviving. Once you are done with building your website on WordPress and are aiming to go live with the website, make sure that you host it on a trusted server.

Reach out to numerous web hosting organizations which offer you easy hosting options for as less as $10 a year. However, before you settle on a host make sure to take into consideration factors such as disk space available, bandwidth allotted and the most important factor the security options which the organization provides. Aside from this also see how efficient is their customer support section and how do they treat customers.

Law 3 of WordPress is never settling for a free of excessively cheap hosting service as they will bombard you with plenty of advertisements while at the same time offering little or no security to the project you worked so hard on.

4. Try Going SEO Friendly : – 

Every website on WordPress you develop ultimately will be ranked by Google, and its rank on the homepage will define the success and inbound traffic which you will receive. Therefore, it is a good thing to start going SEO friendly right from the start. Get hold of SEO tips by researching online or consulting some expert in the field. If you do not wish to spend too much on same, there are popular plug in such as ‘All in one SEO pack’ which guide you so as to how to get your website optimized.

If you start optimizing your page from the initial stage of development, your work will be much reduced in future, and you will not require scrolling through multiple web pages and optimize them one by one.

Law four, therefore, states that developer should pay attention to SEO since the start of the web project.

5. Experiment and Learn : – 

The best way to learn something is to try it on your own. As you work with WordPress, do not shy away from trying new things or divulging into finer details. You can explore around your dashboard and learn things and features which books wouldn’t teach you. However, as you begin experimenting do make sure that you make back up of your project so that you don’t lose it during the experimenting phase. There are blogs and websites which help you understand the WordPress better, and hence you can visit these for a good learning experience.

More you learn about WordPress; more will you be able to work with it efficiently. One in every 5 websites run on WordPress, and it definitely has become the technology of 21st century. While we do not have space here to mention all but there are thousands more ways and laws which will help you become the master of this framework in no time.

However, these five rules which we have mentioned are the basics which will guide you through the entire WordPress learning venture and will make you an expert in this field in no time.

Prashant Changela

Prashant Changela

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