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As we know this is the era of digitization, an era where anything you wish is available with a click of few buttons. The Internet today is nothing special in fact it is a commodity which is available to everyone throughout the globe. It is something which helps people connect. The Web, therefore, has become an integral part of your life, and everyone desires every part of their life to appear beautiful.

So for companies who are into app or development web designing has become a tedious job. Now it is no more about simple coding, rather now it is about presentation. Now the user interface or the user experience is of utmost importance. If you want your product to succeed you ought to make it presentable. You have to make it appear personalized, and you have to make it sell itself.

So while you are working on some new project related to web design or are thinking about starting a career in the similar filed here are a few pieces of advice which you should keep in mind to be successful in this field.

1. Know Your User Think Like Them : – 

One of the most common techniques for effective sales of your product is to start thinking like your end users. While designing your website or an application you have to make sure that you would want to use it in the first place. When you design any application, put yourself in the end users chair and see how comfortable you feel using and seeing the product you created.

Companies often tend to overcrowd the UI of any application they create in order to make it up to date with latest trends. This, as a result, tends to deteriorate the user experience (UX) as the user cannot find his way through the application and hence switches to something else. Our advice to you is staying old school and make your application simple yet powerful. Your motive should be to have an application which carries out the required tasks first, and the user should face no issues with regards to the primary use. Any additional features can be added in the form of bonus however the same should not hinder the primary user experience.

2. Do Not Let Personal Opinions Undermine User Reviews : – 

One mistake which people tend to make while designing the UI/UX of any product is that they put their opinions to use, rather than getting a user review on same. This results in failure of many products as their opinions are mere theories which haven’t been checked by any practical observations. Designer sitting in a room with his team members will only make educated guesses which may or may not work.

Therefore while designing or focusing on UX of an application one needs to take into use the reviews people have for the product. You can start taking feedbacks from people since the start or in between the product design phase which will help you make amendments accordingly and hence will allow you to build a great product in no time.

3. Take Continuous Inputs : – 

An extension to above point is this advice which helps you perform better on the projects you are working. You cannot utilize the inputs you had for one product as the base for designing others. This industry does work on the principle of ‘one size not fitting all.’ People do tend to have different requirements for other products, and hence you continuously need to learn from previous inputs and gather new ones in order to succeed.

There is no best or ideal design, and one needs to continuously strive in order to achieve the desired outputs. Test one design take reviews from the user and make yourself a successful web application. Learn from the mistakes you made during the design of this application and embed them with fresh inputs received from audiences and this will serve as the basis for the design of the new application.

4. Complexity is So Out of Demand : – 

As mentioned before you need to focus on the primary details of any product you design and trust us your web application will be successful in the market in no time. Veterans say that by investing and focusing only on 20 percent of the product feature, you can make any web application around 80 percent useful for the users.

In order to know what feature would interest your users deeply think from their perspective and inculcate initially only the things which they will essentially require. This will allow the users to determine the viability of web application you have built and hence will generate a level of interest amongst them. Once the users are familiar with your product and have approved of its utility, you can later include any other features which they demand. Also do not at any point try to compromise on the USP of the product by including unnecessary details, instead use brute force eliminate them completely from your project.

5. Understand What is Needed And Make it Available : – 

Being a designer, you ought to get into the end users mind and understand the problems they face and the solutions to same which they are looking for. You can derive ideas from already made projects or web applications and understand the reasons behind their successes or failure. This will help you get an idea of what audience like and what they do not.

Once you have this idea all you need is get your creative side to work, and in no time you will have to yourself some marvelous pieces of work which even you would be proud of.

So, these were the few basic tips and pieces of advice which will help you become a better designer as well as flourish in the career you currently are in. One thing as you might have noticed keeps on repeating itself is paying attention to the needs of end-users and that my friend is the golden key to becoming a successful web designer who will serve as an inspiration to many.

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Prashant Changela

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