Why We Love Web App (And You Should, Too!)

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The age we are living in, was once just a mere dream. The world of machines, filled with the wide applications of science and technology is a blessing that we are enjoying. After a lot of hard work, finally a methodology which saves the three valuable assets of human beings – energy, time, and money, has been discovered. And definitely, it all begin with computers!

Computers were first brought up to ease mathematical calculations. Later, different programs were written and softwares were developed because the fact that computers can be used for different purposes was acknowledged. As the world moved ahead, the internet came along that connected the world and communication was just a matter of minutes and seconds. With just a click, a mail could send from one point on the earth to the other. Video conferencing was a revolutionary pillar on the path of internet and connecting the world. Now, the internet is the most powerful tool in the world.

Another sweeping change was the creation of web pages, applications and websites. These started first as mere work related applications, for example, so that business can be done through them, later and till now, web app has far-reaching impact.

Understanding The Web App

In technical terms, web app by definition is a computer program that is based on client-server program online, i.e. in the form of web pages or websites, for example, Wikipedia, etc.

This web app, is however not limited to, websites and web pages, but it can be extended as far as social networking sites, application tools and everything that is online through which you explore the World Wide Web.

The web pages are written in web design languages. There are various web languages that a person can use while writing the script for the web app, for example, html, xml, etc. The program is so written that it incorporates images, texts, hyperlink, and anything that desired in the web page.

The Web Applications Are Your Genie In The Lamp!

The best way to utilize a certain application or tool is by recognizing its importance and appreciating its benefits. The web application development in today’s world has become a quintessential tool, hence it becomes more necessary to understand its importance and impact.

Firstly, when we talk of about business and its concomitant growth and development, web applications make it easier. The web app connects the clients and customers. Also, an image is built through it which becomes a generalized public representation of the enterprise.

The second major cardinal point is, if one needs to fit in the present world, web application becomes a must. People who are well acquainted with programming languages and web design tools are well aware of the fact that with the use of these web apps, any software can be launched easily. The apt example of the same is the development of mobile applications. Every day a new and updates model of the mobile phone is launched in the market, to keep up with these upgraded versions, mobile applications must also be updated or made new. Hence, web app provides a convenient method for developing compatible applications and softwares.

Another important reason to incorporate web app in our work is, it helps in keeping the piles of information in bits and bytes form. Everything will be online, yet secured. This way nobody, other than the person who has permission to access the information can open it. Also, these security permissions differ, for example, the team members may have scattered permission like, only edit, only view, only download, etc. depending on their work and department, but the team leader will have all the permissions. This was, the manual and tedious job of paperwork is reduced substantially.

The Types Of Web App That You Must Have

There is no one type of web application, but, web application is like a big umbrella that has contained different and multipurpose other web applications. However, in a crisp, these web applications can be classified on the basis of their architecture, their use and application, the memory space they need, etc.

Let us learn about these different types of web apps in detail –

Static web application

This web application is designed via HTML, CSS, and other related languages. The programmer can use animation, images in this application. But, the two major disadvantages of this web application are, it is rigid in nature and cannot be altered later, and it can display small content only.

Dynamic web application

It is more complex as compared to static web application. Although, this web application uses pre-loaded database for data and content, yet its dynamic nature, flexibility and administrative tools make it desirable.

E-commerce web application

As the name suggests, this web application is popular among the commerce and business groups. The administration panel is profoundly used in it. Additionally, a payment gateway is provided too. The best advantage of this web application is its mobile application version.

Portal web application

The portal web applications are used as a social group. It has information scattered, and the people on the portal can access this information. They can connect and chat with the other members, who are on the portal. The portal web application can be understood as a website that has a main page and other pages.

Animation incorporated web application

This is a web application that uses flash technology and presents information or content in the form of animation.

CMS induced web application

As implied by the name, this web application has its architecture designed via CMS. The liability to edit, add, change the content makes this web application suitable for blogging, content, and presenting information.

The Long List Of Advantages of Web Apps

From the above mentioned important features and points, it becomes clear as why web app has become the latest chant of the world, especially amongst the business erudite. Stepping ahead, let us now know about the benefits the web apps offer us –

It is a great deal when it comes to money, and time. It is economical.

Because web applications are totally online, therefore, irrespective of time and place a person can access it.

The web applications are machine independent, i.e. a web application will work irrespective that the system’s manufacture or company differs.

Easy to change, and update.

It is highly secured with levels of security, passwords, and cryptic coding.

Uses no or negligible space or memory on the device.

The web application can be used by a neophyte user too.

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